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We are a group of evangelical churches cooperating in an effort to see the local churches in Bakersfield recover a more biblically and confessionally robust understanding of the Protestant faith.

It is our goal to foster mutual encouragement and community among our local churches as we grow together in our understanding of the "gospel once for all delivered to the saints". We will pursue that end through conferences, special joint worship services and events, and prayer. Further, we want to be an encouragement to Protestant evangelicals across Bakersfield. Thus, we hope to provide all of our conferences and resources free to all interested pastors. We also intend to host events for local pastors to encourage them in their gospel ministries.

"In the course of history words change. In our day this has happened to the word 'evangelical.' In the past it served as a bond of unity between Christians from a wide diversity of church traditions. Historic evangelicalism was confessional. It embraced the essential truths of Christianity as those were defined by the great ecumenical councils of the church. In addition, evangelicals also shared a common heritage in the 'solas' of the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation.

Today the light of the Reformation has been significantly dimmed. The consequence is that the word 'evangelical' has become so inclusive as to have lost its meaning. We face the peril of losing the unity it has taken centuries to achieve. Because of this crisis and because of our love of Christ, his gospel and his church, we endeavor to assert anew our commitment to the central truths of the Reformation and of historic evangelicalism. These truths we affirm not because of their role in our traditions, but because we believe that they are central to the Bible." 

~The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals